B.A.M. Media Library

Watch, Listen & Learn in the B.A.M. Club Media Library!

Here you will find a wealth of insight and an educational experience to equip you on your baby and parent journey. We have created a host of content in short reels and deep-dive educational sessions that is exclusive to our members. We have recorded Insta Live education sessions, specialist interviews covering topics such as holistic solutions in fertility, the inside track on how acupuncture can optimise conception, mental health and well-being during the baby journey and many more relevant topics to best serve our members.

We will frequently feature the “Founders’ Take” where you can hear from the Co- founders Liz and Alex some of their fertility and baby journey experiences, their personal advice - aswell as some pitfalls to avoid; it may help you to better manage your own journey.

The library is easy to navigate, you can simply scan the topics you’re particularly interested in or simply watch them all! Easy media access in film or audio allows you to watch and learn or return when you have time.

Watch B.A.M. founder alex interview our specialist acupuncturist Mel Hackwell

Mel's main focus includes all aspects of fertility, such as IVF preparation, conditions causing infertility such as PCOS, endometriosis & sub-fertility issues relating to both partners.

Maureen's discussion on hypnotherapy for fertility, pregnancy & birth

Maureen Kiely is also wonderful for changing your mindset and helping you to relax the vagus nerve and calm the system. She is a qualified hypnotherapist and her sessions are brilliant.

Q&A session on Fertility: Sandy Christiansen with Alex Theis

The goal is to help those who want to know more about the various treatment types, those who are going through treatment and those who need more emotional support than their clinic can offer.

Sleep Consultancy: Harpreet Pottay with Alex Theis

Harpreet is a certified sleep consultant, a mum of two and the founder of Sleep Catcher.