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B.A.M. Club Co-Founders

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Elizabeth Murray-Lyon

Alexandra Theis


Baby And Me Club is a world class e-learning, coaching and consultancy platform, specifically made to help people reach their dreams of creating their own family. We are the interactive parenting manual that every parent wishes they had.

Our aim is to help you at any stage of your baby journey and deliver a one-stop shop for parenting resources and bespoke consultancy advice for all things baby related. By Joining B.A.M. you will enter into our exclusive club where we will connect you with world-class experts in fertility, medical health, lifestyle, fitness and wellbeing, giving you the best start possible to create the family you want. We are one of the fastest growing communities for modern-day parents and parents to be, with members from all over the world to help you through your journey. If you want to join a positive club that builds a bespoke plan and creates amazing results, then B.A.M. Club is the place to be.

Choose a membership level that best suits your desired outcome.


    • Access to all of our site resources which are filled with everything you need as you progress along your baby journey. We provide journey stage-points: catering to pre-pregnancy stage, struggling to conceive, pregnancy and post-natal stages.
    • One to one consultation: you can schedule an initial 30-minute consultation with our experts to discuss any issues and find out how we can help. Priced at £45.
    • We piece together the fertility minefield for you and take a holistic approach with various handpicked experts in nutrition, fitness, wellness, career, gynecological and fertility specialists who can best help you.
    • Member’s community so you can mix and share with other mums and parents.
    • Shop for hand-picked best baby products.
    • Feel like a VIP! Check out our Concierge Corner with exclusive 5***** services.
    • Events tailored to our clients’ needs.
    • Weekly blogs on key topics that have been discussed and researched.
    • Regular newsletters summarising up and coming research and activities, including events.



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Watch B.A.M. founder Alex interview our Specialist Acupuncturist Mel Hackwell.

Lifestyle/Holistic Specialists

Elodie P.

Women's Health Physiotherapist

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Norah B.

Reflexology and Fertility Coach

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