We will be launching Baby And Me Club very soon and we are extremely excited! If you are interested, please leave your email to join the waiting list and you will be the first to know more about this exciting new club and when our enrolment doors open.


We help make parenthood a joyful journey!

Your invitation to join our club.

Join Baby And Me Club (B.A.M. Club) today and start your amazing new journey with us! Discover a real treasure trove of resources, with all you need under one roof. B.A.M. provides a bespoke service to both prospective and existing parents, where we can help you through any stage of your baby journey. We offer a one-to-one consultancy to respond to your individual needs, along with an array of practical support tools and access to our hand-picked specialists. Essentially, we are all you will need to make your journey into parenthood as hassle free and enjoyable as possible. We combine knowledge and experience gained from our personal journeys, along with that from leading experts to help you enjoy the most important time of your life, raising your own family.

What's inside the club?

B.A.M. is a club where you’ll be welcomed into our positive community. You’ll meet people inside who are in the same boat as you and you can connect with professionals who are dedicated to help you on your way. We are the one-stop-shop for all things baby and parent related, ensuring a seamless journey for you and your new family. You’ll find sound advice on planning your family, what to do when you’re pregnant, advice for the birth and how to actually look after a baby. We also offer support in juggling between family and your career, should you decide to return to work after your baby. We are the interactive parenting manual that everyone wishes they had.

Club Highlights

  • All-access to our site resources which are filled with anything you may need along your baby journey. We provide journey stage-points: catering to pre-pregnancy stage, struggling to conceive, pregnancy and post-natal stages.
  • One to one consultation: you can schedule an initial 30 minute consultation with our experts to discuss any issues and find out how we can help. Priced at £45.
  • A personalised session to map out your own bespoke Fertility Action Plan with access to our carefully researched recommended specialists, including initial tests and a 1 hour follow up consultation.
  • One to one sessions for pregnant mothers and advice when the baby arrives.
  • Bespoke 'Baby And Me' Consultation Packages are available, depending on what stage of the baby journey you are at i.e., includes 6 one-hour consultations over 6 months for example.
  • We piece together the fertility minefield for you and take a holistic approach with various handpicked experts in nutrition, fitness, wellness, career, gynaecological and fertility specialists who can best help you.
  • Member’s community so you can mix and share with other mums and parents.
  • Shop for hand-picked best baby products.
  • Feel like a VIP! Check out our Concierge Corner with exclusive 5***** services.
  • Events tailored to our clients’ needs.
  • Weekly blogs on key topics that have been discussed and researched.
  • Regular newsletters summarising up and coming research and activities, including events.

Please leave your email to join the waiting list, and you will be the first to know more about this exciting new club and when our enrolment doors open.